Travelling in a Group vs. Solo Travels, some thoughts

Everyone who knows me and my riding habits knows that im not somebody that enjoys group rides. Quite the opposite, actively avoid them for the most part. Every big trip I’ve mad I’ve made on my own. And I enjoyed it, a lot. Back home 99.9% of the time I go for a ride I go riding by my own. It’s my “Me Time”. I get away from it all and am alone with my thoughts.
I enjoy picking my own pace, stopping whenever I feel like it and not have to think about others preferences as far as riding, stops, routes, etc. goes.

For the first 3 months of this trip I was on my own and I enjoyed it too. Ultimately however I ended up with Steve in Guatemala and we decided to ride through central america together. I dont really know what made me agree to it as that is typically not my riding style but at the end of it I must say it was a very positive experience for me, not having to fend for your own all the time does have its merits.

Not havint to talk to yourself all day long also wasnt bad :

Then came the Stahlratte and Cartagena and while Steve veered off to meet with his Girlfriend another Group formed. This time even bigger. There were 4 of us that went for Punta Gallinas in Colombia. And even tough we failed at getting there it was still a great experience riding with like minded people even tough the Age difference to for example Chris was more than a decade.

I guess thats the difference to back home. We were all doing the same thing initially. Riding on our own, exploring, getting whatever benefits we wanted out of being solo travellers. Back home its never that. People ride motorcycles for hundreds of different reasons each with his own mindset. Here we are all alike in a way. Wanting to break out of the ordinary and doing what very few are lucky enough to be able to do. To travel for months or years on end.

As mentioned above, on these long trips its a nice change of pace to not have to be completely self reliant even if its just for a brief period of time.

Of course theres also the added social component and its funny how in the discussions with my fellow riders we all somehow end up at the same point. There might be different motivationd and ways of doing things but theres also an underlying thirst to break out of the hamster wheel.

That being said, today was my last day with Josh and Chris, Kevin left the group a couple days ago and Steve is still with his Girlfriend and it was the first day of riding alone in almost 2 months and it did feel weird and somewhat liberating at the same time. Hopefully I’ll meet the Guys again at some point.




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