I like the United States, there, I said it.

or something like that…

Im on my final hours in the United States, tomorrow I will be leavig for Mexico and I dont know when or even if I will ever come back so it’s to look and reexamine my relationship with the United States.

I used to love the US. Adore it really. That was back in the mid to late 90s(hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago) during the presidency of Bill Clinton. I dont know what it was but back then the whole place seemed like some kind of ideal.
That was also the time of my first visit. Together with a friend traveled around for a bit, mostly Florida and Louisana and even went to Disney World.
And then things changed. George Bush came and around that time my interest in International Politics awoke(early 20s, go figure…) and then 9/11 and everything that came afterwards and my whole image of the US was shattered to pieces.
Bush was suceeded by Obama and even then my relationship with the US didnt change. I still didnt like the place even tough Obama at least in his 2nd term managed, in my eyes, to repair some of the damage Bush had done.

Fast forward to about 2 1/2 months. Of all people Donald Trump is president and I arrive in Anchorage. And then it all changed.
Not during the first couple of days but travelling around and getting to know the country and the people from a close up perspective did drastically change my perception. I think theres a lot of things about the US that you can only really understand when you spend time in the backcountry. Everything is big. Everything is huge. So people think and build that way.
Of course theres the Nutbags(like the guy with a vote trump sign in his car that halfway through a nice discussion about motorcycles starts dissing mexicans for some reason) but the truth is that this is not an american exclusive.

We Europeans like to look down on the US in that regard but after seeing the backcountry and some run down communities you start to get why “Make America great again” has a certain appeal to it. Not that I want to put a positive spin on Trump here, hell no. Im just saying that there might be more to it than just stamping off an entire country.

Anyway, i went off there a bit.
What travelling through the US did for me is rekindle the love affair I had with this nation all those years back.
In all my time travelling around europe i’ve never much such kind and generous people as when travelling the US. OK, Canada tops all of that but their in a league of their own.

So bottom line, I like the US, there, I said it.


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