Crossing the North Sea & North Atlantic

Now I dont want to bitch here but man, boat travels sure are dull 🙂

The Ferry takes close to 48h to cross from Denmark to Iceland via the Faroe Islands and man am I bored.There is no Entertainment worth mentioning on board, hardly any place to sit comfortably and just read a book(mostly because everywhere you sit you are besieged by families with screaming childern) not to mention the dodgy internet connection.

Here’s some advice, if you’re on this ferry, dont bother with the Internet. It costs 21€ for 3 days and is a major ripoff. It’s a satellite connection so latency is as bad as it gets but the download speed averages 100kbit(BIT not BYTE) per second. Uploading Pictures becomes a test of endurance as well. Also the connection is very unstable so you can just about forget streaming youtube even in SD.

But, enough with the rantin. I’m sharing the cabin with 3 others, one German, One Italian and one One guy from Iceland. The First two are also travelling on their Motorcycles and the icelandic Guy is a carpenter(who used to be a Mainframe programmer) thats going there for work.

Also met an italian who wants to ride the Highland on a Ducati Multisrtrada S(Not the the Enduro mind you) with Pirelli MT60 Tires. I figure he might have a bad time once things get sandy. We agreed to ride the first Day to the Askja crater together since we were both going the same direction in any case and it might just be a good idea to have somebody who can help you out during the first river crossings.

Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Right now im sitting here waiting to arrive in Iceland. We were supposed to be there 1 1/2h ago but still have another 1 1/2h to go. The storm from 2 days ago significantly slowed us down.


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