Technical Problems and hitting the Wall

This isnt exactly a ride report but more some mental housekeeping.

The riding over the past 10 days or so hasnt been great. A lot of disapointment and unplanned things hapenning that just threw me off balance. First off Wyoming and Yellowstone park, that was just a big letdown as a whole. I dunno why it is but people in Wyoming appear to be a lot more uptight than in Idaho.

I wasnt having exactly a good time riding and was more a thing of getting it over with rather than actually enjoying it.
I had a similar experience during my time in Iceland last year even tough it wasnt nearly this bad. Im away from home for little more than 2 months and I think its starting to show. I felt a serious urge for a real break coming on over the last week and what kinda knocked me down mentally was 2 days ago my fueling system going bust. Bike wouldnt run properly and there was no way i would make it another 150 miles to my next stop. So out of frustration got a hotel and did a roadside fix the next day cleaning the filters. And while the success motivated me again the whole hassle that would follow brought me right back down again. Ordering a new fuel pump, trying to procure new filters, you know the drill.

Anyway, this left me stranded in Rock Springs, Wyoming with too much time on my hand to think and a depressed mood to begin with. A feeling ensued that would best be described as hitting a wall. There are just moments when you dont wanna ride and im at that point right now. On the other hand rural Wyoming aint exactly appealing so I’ll continue tomorrow.

Still, I need to power through this and not give in to the negativity, this too shall pass. Im confident I’ll get over once the riding gets more fun again and day to day life doesnt just consist of trying to find a solution to yet another problem.


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