From Alaska to Washington, my first 5500km on the Road

As I’m writing this im sitting in a quite comfy Motel Room in the Suburbs of Seattle looking back at my first two Weeks on the road. I’d like to say it was a wild ride and a ton of fun, but it really wasnt. This isnt to put the whole thing down, I just had a little difficulty settling in.

That and the fact that Alaska really isnt that special. Anchorage is, im said to say, a pretty run down boring place, same for Fairbanks. Everything in between was coating in a grey coat of rain for the 3 days. The landscape is similar to Finlands Tundra but it sort of Lacks the Mountainenous and hilly backdrop.

I still made it to the Arctic Circle but eventually I decided not to push on towards Deadhorse as the weather was too bad and what was to come didnt really motivate to continue a day in alost freezing temps with rain- and snowshowers.


Luckily the landscape became a lot more friendly in the Yukon and British Columbia. Or maybe it was just the fact that I actually saw the sun for a change.
I will say that I found it very interesting to experience the lifestyle up in the far North firsthand. I dont know what I was expecting but initially it felt like a scene from a movie it was so spot on. It was in a way just how I imagined the “Deep South”. A bick rednecky if you will. Fact is, the North is just the same, only colder .Big Pick Ups, ATVs, Camo Clothing, fishing and hunting. And I dont mean that in a negative way. It is just the way they do things and in a way there is a bit of envy to actually pulling that kind of cut of lifestyle off.

And not to forget that despite what anyone thinks of americans they are as friendly as can be seconded only by the canadians(where even the junkies are quite polite but I’ll get to that).

Anyway, on the way down through Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia I camped for the most part merely opting for a motel in Hazelton when I needed a days rest and time for some maintenance.

One of the more interesting spots on the way down was Quesnel Forks. An abandoned mining town in British Columbia about 50km off of route 99. The “Ghost town” itself wasnt that impressive but the whole atmosphere that place gave off gave me slight chills. Not the Ghost town but rather a bunch of abandoned machines and private property signs at the entrance. Kinda made me feel like somebody would bust out with a shotgun in his hand trying to get me off his land :

Further down south(along Highway 99 South) the landscape became so beautiful it was bordering on the silly. A huge gorge with a raging river and terrain that made you think more of the Nevada desert than the South of British Columbia. Had a very nice ride and a pleasant night camping along the river.

The next day I met with a fellow Rider named Buck Snyder who I met through the Adventure Bike Riders Facebook group. He was hanging out at Whistler at some friends house. We decided to meet up and explore the area a little.
The riding was an absolute blast but ultimately I dented my front and back rim.

We hiked a little trail to an old trainwreck that has been turned into an MTB Trail.

Was nice to socialize with somebody who gets the appeal of such a long ride even if its dirty, cold and challenging.
Initially the plan was to stay at the campsite near Whistler but that was 35$ which is just silly for a tent pith so I decided to hoof it Vancouver in the evening and get the cheapest Hotel or Motel possible.
Well, I ended up at the Patricia Budget Hotel which is right in the middle of Vancouvers Ghetto. The streets were literally lined with junkies(remember the part when I said junkies were very nice, were getting there). After I told the guy at the hotel I put my bike in the hotel parking lot he just urged me to take everything off the bike. So for the first time I completely stripped the bike down, panniers, sidebags. everyhing came to my room. Of course nothing happened and the next morning when I was packing back up on the sidewalks it drew nothing but admiring chatups and well wishes from the socially not so fortunate dwellers of the area. So much for preconception. Wouldnt count on the same in the US but Canada is just such a friendly place.

So today I hit up a Motorcycle shop in the area here cause my rear was more or less gone.  400$ later I have my spokes fixed as well. Tires are expensive here mind you.

Tomorrow the big one starts, offroad from Washington all the way down to California.



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