Finally, Kathmandu

If you’ve read the previous post you’ll be aware that my flight to Nepal was a bit of Odyssey for the least to say.
I’ve pretty much spent most of the past 48h catching up on missed sleep and trying to get my neck back in order from the Turbofan AC at Dubai Aiport.
I think i learned my lesson, dont fly with Flydubai, or any other lowcost Carrier for that matter. The flight experience at least from Dubai to Kathmandu was OK but the delays are simply a joke.

Anyway, enough of that, im now in Kathmandu and finally somewhat rested.
After walking around Thamel distrcit for a couple of hours I must say this really isn’t what I expected.
Of course it’s the bustling flair chaotic flair of any other Population centre in this area but the entire city appears to be run down.
Now I didnt except clean streets or posh houses but even the big sights just appear to be in neglect.
I think that at least, in part, has to be attributed to the ever present polution and dust.
When flying in and looking down upon the city the entire place appears to be covered in what id describe as a brown curtain of pollution and dust, kind of sad to see really.

With that being said, its still quite a culture shock to run around town. Theres Motorcycles and Scooters everywhere and while they may not be actively trying to kill you they at least dont make much of an effort not to. I’ve been around the Balkans and thought it was bad there but in reality this is nothing compared to what’s going on around here. I might actually skip on the idea of renting a small enduro for 1-2 days, just doesnt seem worth the risk 🙂

There really isnt much else to say at this point as I havent seen too much of the city yet and probably also wont be until I get back from the Trek.
Tomorrow morning im flying into Lukla so im hoping for good weather and clear conditions in the morning to take a couple of pictures from the plane. Lukla landinfg certainly will be exciting.

Also, there wont be any further updates until I get from the Trek as im leaving the Notebook in Kathmandu, only carry the bare neccesities.

I’ll just leave you with a pic of me relaxing in the morning.


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