A quick stop in Reyjavik and some beef with the Weathergods

After the somewhat mediocre visit to the Westfjords I had to make an impromptu stopover at Reykjavik as that was the only place I could reliably get a repalcement for my broken gopro Housing.

The way south was dominated by rain clouds and everything from light rain to pouring showers but Dynjandi Waterfall to visit on the along the route.

Owing to the bad weather there wasn’t a lot of peopl there and the falls themselves were a very impressive sight. its a 20min. or so hike from the parking area to the top but it’s well worth it.

The falls are seperated into several “steps” which starts out very small(as pictured above) and growing in size with every step.

The way to Reykjavik itself was a bit of a drag as its quite some distance to cover. I initially only planned to stop there towards the end of the trip but the broken housing screwed up that plan. In the end I did a monster leg of 500km in total in a day arriving shortly before midnight in Reykjavik and the final 30min I rode in the worst rain I encountered during the entire trip.
The fact I had an actual Hotel Room with its own shower and not a B&B with shared bath or just my tent at a campsite was a well received change of pace.

The next day started out with sunshine in Reykjavik itself but the weather got constantly worse while I headed east along Route 1. The weather was piss poor again and the visibility dropped to about 3km within half an hour.

I was actually standing about 3km from Eyjafjallajökull(which is 1600m high) and wasnt able to see even a tiny bit of a bit as the rain was just forming a grey wall all day long.

I ended up staying in Kirkjubæjarklaustur for the next night. Luckily that was the last day of bad weather on the entire trip. From this point on there was only sunshine with scattered clouds.

The Weathergods had finally forgiven me for whatever I did 🙂


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