The part that beat me

You usually dont head out riding with the thought “I actually may not be able to ride this until the end” but then there are also days where exactly that thought goes through your head.

This is about one of those days.
On the article says its the most dangerous road in Iceland.
Well, turns out thats true. Other than the remoteness of it the ride is very demanding. On top of the very bad road it had rained for a couple of days before and everything was very slippery.

The road winds along the shoreline of a peninsula in the Westfjords which makes it very inaccessible to begin with. It starts out fairly easy as hard packed dirtrack but quickly turns into loose gravel and mud mixed with lots of steep climbs and descents. No rivercrossings tough so thats a good thing.

Theres a small lighthouse about halfway along the track which makes for a nice viewpoint.

The track does get considerably harder after this point

At one point you will come up to a sign that actually says “impassable”.
As the gas station attendant told me they put that sign up “just in case”. Well, in this case it actually was impassable. After a steep drop the road winds along a rock overhang along the shoreline. Problem in this case was that it was completely piled up with rocks. I tried pushing through but got stuck about 50m in. It took me about 45min to get out again.

This is the part:

On the upside, some nice shots taken during backtracking.


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