Onwards towards the Westfjords

Heres the thing about Iceland, nothing is ever as easy as it first appears.
For example the simple task of navigating towards a certain town via your GPS. Without exaggeration 75% of the towns that show up on my printed map neither the City Navigator Map nor the OFM Map will find for whatever reason.

So its back to good old navigation via paper map, fine by me.

As the title suggests, I was headed towards the Westfjords today(or to be more precise the east coast of the west fjords). On the map it all looked very easy, 300km or so in total, 150km of that being unpaved, nothing I havent seen before.
Now, 150km of unpaved in this case meant hard packed dirt with lots of loose gravel on it that has been rained on for two days. My boots, my pants, the bike, everything is essentiall an uniform tone of brown now. Even my helmet is brown from all the spray.

As far as riding goes however I will say it was enjoyable. Naturally the weather once again didnt own up(10° and drizzle pretty much the entire day) but the landscapes along the coast were quite stunning. I really only stopped to get fuel(Iceland Lesson #325: Get Fuel whenever possible) and warm up with coffee and hot dogs.
It still took me almost 6h to finish those 300km. In a way it was a good thing the weather wasnt better otherwise I wouldnt be here yet as I would just stopped for photos over and over again.

DCIM100GOPROG0073083.Did make for a nice selfie occasion tough 🙂

The entire landscape could have been stake straight out of Peter Jacksons Lord of the Rings movies, rough rocks and lush greens all over. Cloudcover was down to 200m so more than just once I was riding inside the clouds. Also a lesson learned, if your GPS finally works again it might just take the piss and guide you over an unpaved mountain pass rather than a paved coastal road to save you 3min. Ofc that pass will be freezing cold and you wont be able to see more than 20min. but thats Garmin for you.



Tomorrow I will attempt to tackle F622 supposedly the hardest route in the country…


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