Time for recovery and another Ride into the Highlands

After the Drama with the drowned Multistrada(which feature me standing balls deep in freezing water for half an hour) I decided to not camp but rather hit a guest house as essentially everything i was wearing was soaking wet at the end of that Day. The Badlands Pro dried up but the layers beneath, boots and even the waterproof socks were wet. Waterproof socks wet, how does that work ? Well, if the water goes in from the top all the waterproofing wont help …
Silva Vökuland Guesthouse is the place. Not exactly cheap(nothing here is …) but it’s quite comfy, nice living room where you can sit and just read and calm down, kitchen and proper bathroom to use and great breakfast. Word of warning tough, this place offers only vegetarian and vegan options so if you’re the meat loving kind this isnt for you.


Anyway, with most of stuff being dry again(except for the boots which I think will not ever become dry again) I decided to head south into the Highlands again for the day. This time the relatively unknown Route F821 and F752. I wasnt expecting much especially since the map didnt show any river crossings but man was I in for a treat. This was some of the most challenging riding I did thus far. The ascent at the beginning fo F821 is jut brutal. Very steep climbs over Rock and muddy surfaces and the road is washed out in about a dozen places so you do get some light river crossings. Arriving at the top you essentially ride through a very rocky desert the entire time. I fully expected a tire puncture the entire time.


The entire route is extremely remote. In 5h riding I passed 5 vehicles in total. 2 French trucks that came my way while i was heading up and 3 jeeps and thats that. There is a campsite at Laugafell which has a hot spring and some cabins as well. Talked to the proprietor and she said that there were 2 river crossing on F752 but they wouldnt be higher than maybe knee high.
Naturally…they werent. First off, there were 3, not 2. First one was washed out road and that was 30cm. The 2nd one maybe 50cm and VERY broad, the 3rd one was Hell. The water was milky white so you couldnt see anything, it was very broad and the water was flowing very fast. Having the proprietors words in my I just headed in at a slow pace. The point where i got nervous was when the wake in front of me was getting close to my intakes. At this point I was about to gun it(which would have only made the wake higher) but in the end remained calm and just rode it through at my slow, steady pace and it worked out fine.
If you havent braced one of these rivers yourself you’ll never know that feeling of accomplishment 🙂


The Rest of the Track were just rocks, rocks and more rocks. Difficult to ride but with a great scenery all the while.


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