First Excursions into the Highlands and Thoughts on a Travelers mindset

Finally made it to Iceland with a small delay of 2 1/2h.

Naturally, just as I roll off the ferry the rain sets in and doesnt stop for the next 2h when I head inland towards Askja Crater. The landscapes are extremely beautiful and barren at the same time. Ashen Wastes, Bizarre Rock Formations formed by Lava, fine sand changing over to gravel and sharp rocks within a few meters. Riding the F-Roads in Iceland is no joke and surely not something somebody inexperienced should choose as his first Adventure Ride.

The river crossings are a chapter of their own. Up to this point I’ve done about 20 ranging from 20cm to almost waist high. At first 4 or 5 I was still nervous but you take it slow and steady they really arent a problem. Dont rush things or it will end badly as a fellow rider i met on the ferry experienced. He tried to cross a waist high crossing and ultimately ended up with water in his intake and the Bike dying on him right in the middle of it.
It took 3 of us(luckily a car passed by and they helped us out) to get the bike out of the water and he had to wait a full day for a recovery vehicle since he didnt know his way around the bike(note: know your bike before attempting something like this).



As far as riding goes the F905 and F910(which lead to Askja) arent bad. The above mentioned bizarre landscapes but other than that a smooth ride.

The F88 that leads from Askja back to Route 1 is a whole different beast though. Gigantic wastes and the surface changes constantly. More than once I had a big adrenaline rush when suddenly right in the middle of a corner hard pack dirt changed to soft sand and the rear started slipping.



In the end tough its all worth it as the above picture illustrates. Conquering these obstacles is what gives you that special feeling at the end of the day that you just achieved something that few ever will as emphasized by the fact that at the 2 campsites close to Askja there was a grand total of a dozen vehicles and only 3 of those were motorcycles(this includes me allready).
So if you made this trip and succeeded, hats off, you know you did something special.


Which brings me to a point that I’ve been thinking about since the guy drowned his Multistrada in the river.
You cannot approach something like this, the guy didnt even have the proper socket to remove his Spark Plugs. That and he completely lost it when the engine drowned and threw a fit.
Personally this is something I dont understand. When i was preparing for this Trip I was expecting something like the engine drowning to happen so I prepared. Got the repair manual and the Tools and a mindset that said “Whatever happens, I shall overcome” and I think thats the most important part. To not throw away your nevers when things go bad as the inevtiably will. Approach it methodical. Analyze the situation and see what you can do about it, dont run around like a headless chicken and start arguments with people that are only trying to help you.


In the end, having a calm attitude will benefit you a lot more than irrational actions.

One thing I like to respond to people that ask me why I put myself through stuff like this: If it would be easy everyone would do it 😉


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