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Lately I’ve spent some time thinking about all my gear and what I brought on this Trip and what was actually of use and what was a waste of space. One thing that occured to me that one Item I seldom think about is my Backpack yet its one of the most essential pieces I carry.

And then I realized that I actually carried this Backpack through 4 Continents, 80000km on- and offroad and through diverse conditions that ranged from subzero freezing temperatures to scorching 50° heat and it never missed

That being said I decided that I should do a review on it as the Backpack is one of my favourite pieces of equipment.

Touratech no longer sell the particular Design I own which is the “Dakar” Edition.

However they do sell a newer Version of it which comes with a couple of improvements such as a helmet strap and an organizer bag inside.. The Backpack is manufactured by Deuter and Touratech branded.
When I bought the Pack I was looking for something that could support a Hydration Bladder as well as being big enough to pack enough stuff to go for 2 day hike at least. There are numerous Models out there but they all had some downside to them.


The Pack holds 30L and is made of 210d Nylon & Super-Polytex 600d Polyester.
It comes with a big main compartment and a seperate(much smaller) bottom compartment that can be seperated by a zipper inside the pack. This comes in handy for storing items such as gloves or goggles at the bottom while still having easy access to whatever you pack on top of the Bag.
The Main compartment also features a pouch at the back which will hold a 2L Source Hydration Bladder and a opening at the top for the hose. Theres Straps on the harness to keep the Hose in place on either side.

In the past I used Camelbak Bladders but I’ve really come to appreciate the Source Bladder, easier to refill and im not a fan of the Camelbak Bitevalves.

Theres 2 small pockets at the bottom of the pack. The one in the front I personally use to store items like roomkeys or batteries that I want easy access to.
The second pocket at the bottom is actually at the back and is meant to hold the raincover. I adore this feature as it allows you to store the raincover without taking up much space while at the same time having easy access.
The Raincover itself is quite durable with 2 small straps to fix it to the pack and comes in Neon Yellow for better visibility.
I’ve been in torrential downpours and it always kept the inside of the pack completely dry. It also doubles as a nice dustcover when you just strap the pack to the back of your bike or a pannier.

Theres also several straps to adjust the volume of the pack when its not fully loaded, comes in very handy to make the thing less bulky when you’re not carrying a lot.

On each side theres 2 stretch nets with straps to hold waterbottles. I’d like them to be a bit bigger but so far I’ve never had a bottle fall out of there.

The zippers at the top also can be “fixed” to each other by a clip mechanism which is supposed to keep the zippers from just wiggling open when trail riding. Works like a charm, they never came open.

Another key feature that touratech praise is that the harness has clips which enables you to just pull it over your helmet instead of putting your arms through the harness on each side. A nice feature when youre wearing bulky motorcycle gear.

Check out their Video on how the thing works.

Personally I very seldom use it but its there and some thought went into it so its worth mentioning.

The Pack also comes with several reflective elements that will increase your visibility at night.

On the front theres also fixed rubber straps that will hold your gloves or something similar if you want them there for quick access.

The Harness also features a chest- and waiststrap that will keep the Pack from bouncing around either while trail riding or hiking.


As mentioned initially I’ve taken the Pack through a wide array of conditions.
From mundane things like using it as a Laptop pack when going to work to Hiking Everest Basecamp or riding the Hellas Rally, it’s been through a lot.
First off, the pack never let me down. No matter which way you look at it other than it being dirty there are no signs of wear at all. The Zippers, the seams, the straps, its bombproof.
The only thing that deteriorated over time was the Dakar Logo on the raincover, everything else is just its supposed to be. Verdict

I think at this point you will be aware that im quite happy with this Pack.
So if you’re looking for a Backpack thats suitable for a wide range of activities you should definitely consider this one.
The pricing currently is 129€ which, considering the durability, will give you a great Backpack that will serve you for a long time no matter what you throw at it.


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